Post OfficeBukkinakere
Post Office StatusSub Post Office (Delivery)
Postal DivisionMandya
Postal RegionSouth Karnataka
Postal CircleKarnataka

Bukkinakere Pin Code is 571812. This Pin Code (571812) is also known as Postal Code or Zip code. Bukkinakere is located in district Mandya, Karnataka, India. Below we have answered most of the common questions asked about Bukkinakere and its pincode 571812.

Bukkinakere is in Which State?

Bukkinakere is in Karnataka state of India.

Bukkinakere is in Which District?

Bukkinakere is in Mandya district of Karnataka.

Where post office of Bukkinakere is located?

Bukkinakere post office is located in Mandya district of Karnataka.

What is the contact address of Bukkinakere post office?

Postmaster, Post Office Bukkinakere (Sub Post Office), Mandya, Karnataka, India (IN), Pincode:- 571812

What does Pincode 571812 Means?

The first digit (5) means it is of Southern region. The first two digits (57) means it belongs to Karnataka state. The first 3 digits (571) means it belongs to district Mandya, Karnataka. The last 3 digits (812) means it is of Bukkinakere post office.

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